Solomon Hess

Leadership & Professional Development Coach

Improving your Work-Life Experience

About Me

I am a leadership expert, motivational speaker, and facilitator of experiential workshops designed to inspire passionate lives, teach empathy in the workplace and manage effective communication to work cohesively. 

Incorporating real life experiences, I teach individuals to foster their own strengths while stressing the value of each member of the team. SOLTALKS participants gain the tools to achieve synergy and become stronger leaders in their industry. 

My unique teaching style, which includes interactive exercises and practical steps for attaining success, has achieved remarkable results working with professionals from diverse backgrounds employed in various industries.

Solomon received his MBA from Pepperdine University and lives in Long Beach, CA with his wife Sasha and three children.

My Values & Beliefs

Effective, Impactful Communication

 ​​A leader understands that listening, observing, and speaking his team’s language is the most powerful way of achieving collective success. With proper communication, you build trust, cultivate stronger relationships, and create a healthy and fervent work environment.

We Before Me

I believe that the greatest success can only be reached within a culture of WE, where the value of the team is held high, and the significance of each team member’s role is in clear focus. 

Discovering the Greatest Version of Yourself

So many of us are caught in the never-ending cycle of “Should-Be’s” and “Have-To’s”  stuck in the hamster wheel of conformity and obedience.  It’s only when we work discover our true selves, that we forge own own paths and achieve long term personal growth. 


Wellness Book Series

  • Part 1 – Ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit
  • Part 2 – Phasellus malesuada nibh
  • Part 3 – Feugiat ipsum facilisis finibus ornare.

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